Community News & Events

Articles pertaining to field of cognitive disabilities, of interest to Coleman visitors. Click the title for the full article.

The 2016 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual meeting will be held in Denver, CO, October 29 - November 2, 2016.  The Coleman Institute is sponsoring and presenting at the Disability Section business meet and social hour that is occurring in conjunction with the larger meeting.  For more information click here.

The Disability Section also has a program of oral and poster presentations during the APHA meeting.  All of the oral sessions are in room 203 of the convention center, and the poster sessions are in the exhibit hall.  Typically, there is not a charge for individual oral presentations.  Click here for a list of sessions.    

We're excited to announce the Teach Access Tutorial, which is a set of hands-on coding exercises and reference material for accessibility best practices.  This tutorial will provide basic training for developers and designers interested in building inclusive experiences.  If you are new to accessibility, this tutorial's for you.  It is freely available on GitHub so that it can be shared widely and further enhanced by the community. Happy learning:

Free on-site training's in Person-Centered Thinking are being offered in Colorado during 2016.  The purpose of these training's is to help strengthen person-centered approaches and practices among human service providers.Click here for dates and locations.

In recognition of the ADA's 25th Anniversary, The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities supports the Teaching Accessibility initiative.

The Coleman Institute has endorsed the goals of the Six Goals By 2015 initiative, promoting the achievement of 6 goals for people with disabilities in each of 6 categories by the end of 2015.