2017 Coleman Fellows

2017 Coleman Institute Student Fellowships Research student icon

A primary activity of the institute is to award Coleman Institute Student Fellowships.  Many of these fellowships are tied to federally funded research grants and are awarded as a leveraging match to augment competitive faculty proposals.  Dozens of students have been supported by the Coleman Institute through the matching program and Coleman Fellows are often named as part of a capacity-building commitment.

The 2017 Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities Fellows are: Redhwan Nour, Devin Benson, Trevor Pier, and Rusty Burch.

Redhwan Nour, PhD, Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder

Redhwan Nour
Redhwan Nour earned his MS in computer science in 2012.  His research interest includes human centered computing (HCC), web accessibility, web searching, technology and cognitive disabilities, inclusive design, and assistive technology.  For his thesis research, he is focusing on improving web searching skills for people with cognitive disabilities based on their functional capabilities. Nour will defend his thesis and graduate in the spring of 2017.  He has secured a University faculty position in Saudi Arabia.

Devin Benson, MA, Bio-engineering, University of Colorado, Denver

Devin Benson
Devin Benson is a first year Master’s student in bio-engineering.  He did his undergraduate work in biomedical engineering with a strong emphasis in mechanical engineering from Harding University.  His senior project was a exoskeletal hand design to be worn by individuals suffering from increased muscle tone rendering their hand unusable following a stroke.  The exoskeletal hand provided both therapy and could aid in activities of daily living.  In addition, he has served as the project manager for a class that partnered with Habitat for Humanity to design and build project for their home builds and stores.  Benson is excited to be able to continue working on projects that can help people live and function better.

Trevor Pier, MA, Bio-engineering, University of Colorado, Denver

Trevor Pier
Trevor Pier is a first year Master’s student in the UC Denver bio-engineering program.  He has a background in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University, with two years of experience working as an engineer in the field.  Currently, he is assisting with projects in the Assistive Technology Partners lab, and is interested in biomechanics, orthopedics, and helping people with technology.

Rusty Burch, MA, Bio-engineering, University of Colorado, Denver

Rusty Burch
Rusty Burch is earning his Master’s degree in Bio-engineering at UC Denver as part of a career transition.  He spent nine years working at a defense-related agency for the Federal Government in Washington, DC, and decided he wanted to do “hands-on” work.  He loves to help people and to exercise his knowledge of physics.  He holds a BS in Honors Physics from Purdue University.