About the Coleman Conference

Conference Overview

Since 2001 The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities has hosted an annual conference devoted exclusively to the research, policy, and development of technology for people with cognitive disabilities.   The conference is nationally recognized as one of the few venues dedicated exclusively to technology and information access for people with cognitive disabilities.

Attendees include leaders from diverse groups involved in technology development, promotion, utilization and policy.  These groups include; academia, industry, state and federal agencies, self-advocates and family members; software developers, engineers and service providers.

Past conference speakers have included: Tom Wheeler, Former Chairman FCC; Richard Ellenson, CEO Cerebral Palsy Foundation; Timothy Shriver, Chairman of the Board, International Special Olympics; John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation; Vinton Cerf, Chief Technology Evangelist, Google (and co-designer of the protocols and architecture of the Internet); Raymond Kurzweil, inventor and entrepreneur, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver (deceased).

2016 Conference

2016 Coleman Annual Conference Program Cover

2016 Coleman Conference Program

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2015 Conference

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2015 Conference Main Agenda

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