Morning Breakout Sessions

Ari Ne’eman My Support:  Making Choice Possible for All PDF File

Alanna Hendren & Jon Morris 3 Spheres Robotics Project PDF File

Alice Brouhard, Kara Brouhard, & Katherine Carol On My Own … Life with Paddy and Alexa My Tech Team

YAI, The Arc of the Capital & DDRC 2016 DIGS:  What We Learned & Why It’s Even More Important Now

Colin Clark More on Co-Design and Material Software PDF File

Daniel K. Davies & Maggie Dunham Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative  PDF File

Melinda Piket-May, PhD & Brodie Schulze Collaborative Care:  How a Partnership Between the University of Colorado and Imagine! Has Created New Opportunities for Independence for People with Disabilities

Robert Furberg, PhD Use of Technology to Support Health Related Decision-Making in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Emily Moore, PhD Towards Inclusive Educational Simulations PDF File

Amie Lulinski, PhD & Richard Hemp The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities:  2017 PDF File

Jordan Jankus Tech Learning Exchange:  Learning from Each Other

Blake Reid, JD The Future of International Copyright and Cognitive Disabilities