Joy Wu

Jiang Joy Wu, PhD

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Joy works as a data management and data graphic designer for the State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Project at the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities.  She has been an integral part of the project since 2006.


PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO

Joy has researched cognitive development in normal children versus cognitive development in children with disabilities in both China and the U.S.A. since 1985. She has also studied first language acquisition and second language learning in children and adults, especially bilingual persons’ second language loss.  Joy has been working with data entry, data management, and data analysis using SPSS, SAS, and Excel since 1990.  She also served as a Webmaster from 1996 to 2008.

In addition to using her mathematics and computer skills, Joy also works as a bilingual volunteer for the National Language Service Corps.